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A Hedingham Castle Wedding | Essex

Robin and Julie were married at a venue we have been dying to work at for a while now: Hedingham Castle in Essex.  It's such a dramatic location for a wedding, and just the sort of pace that suits our style of filmmaking.

We are always looking for an interesting angle for our films, something that helps drive the narrative in an interesting way, and after hearing the best man's quote about memory, it made the following shot and audio of the ticking clock at the venue seem like a poignant opening and ending to the film.

 It is also a stylistic trait of our films to find a moment, a sliver of time from the day, that can act as a refrain for the piece, repeated throughout.  In this case it was a great moment, that only lasted for a second, when Robin looked up into the confetti falling around him and his new wife.  It's probably our favourite 'moment' so far this wedding season.

When a couple decide to write their own vows we always know we are in for something special, because not only are they having to put their feelings into words, but also declare them in a room filled with friends and family, which is always a very emotional moment.  Julie breaking down while saying her vows to her soon-to-be husband was a very touching moment.

 We knew filming in the ceremony room at Hedingham Castle would be a challenge, as the ceremony is conducted by candle light with little other light sources, but we came prepared for this and the candle light produced from great visual moments.

We were working alongside a great photographer, and friend, David Bradford on the day, who has worked at Hedingham Castle for years, so knew exactly where to take the newly married couple for some photos in the afternoon.  As we also all work together a lot, he understands video takes a little longer to capture than photos, so allowed plenty of time for us to take our shots, which shines through in the film.

Robin and Julie booked us for a little longer than usual, to capture some of their evening entertainment, which allowed for some great shots of their guests dancing, however we also feel the first dance is a perfect ending to the film, as it is the first moment the newly married couple step out in front of all their family and friends and end the formal part of the wedding day and start the first day of their new lives together.

Toby Sleigh-Johnson is an award winning wedding videographer based in Greenwich, London and specialising in timeless, elegant and cinematic wedding videography.He has been filming weddings for over 10 years across the UK and overseas.



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