About Us

TOBY SLEIGH-JOHNSON - Owner, Lead Wedding Videographer and Editor

I'm not a huge fan of talking about myself, but here goes!

I am Toby Sleigh-Johnson (on the left), 34 years old and a wedding filmmaker, avid traveller and scuba-diver (you can see one of my recent travel videos here) who currently resides in one of my favourite parts of the world: Greenwich, London, where I live with my loving (and eternally patient-while-I-talk-about-cameras) wife!

I started experimenting with video cameras at a young age, making 'movies' with friends and family, when the cameras were as big as me and still took VHS tapes!  I remember my dad showing me how I could make things disappear in the video by filming an object, turning the camera off, moving the object, turning it on again and "hey presto" a movie magic trick!

After that I was hooked, and this obsession carried on during my time at university, running short film screenings for students, before a passionate hobby turned into a business, when I began filming weddings in 2004.  Over the years I have honed my style to one I believe is elegant, timeless and reminiscent of classic cinema, which I love.  Oh and my favourite film, if you're interested, is There Will be Blood.

THOMAS CHAMP - Assistant Wedding Videographer and Editor

I (on the right) have spent much of my time in front of and behind a camera and learnt to love the craft of filmmaking while studying and acting.

I was already a fan of Toby's work before he offered to train me in all things wedding-film related, and our time working together filming and editing has helped us to fashion a consistent style and tone to our films which I love.


  • Droning in the Lake District #drone #lakedistrict #djiphantom3professional #djiphantom3
  • Taking the drone out in the Lake District #djiphantom3professional #dji #lakedistrict #drone
  • A birthday present from my sister- that’s what she thinks of my drone flying skills 😂
  • A film company specialising in brand storytelling, from the award winning team behind @handcraftpictures, coming very soon...
  • @davidmichaelphotographyuk hard at work at today’s wedding at @gosfieldhall
  • Final wedding of the year with @presentdaychamp at @gosfieldhall
  • Me and @presentdaychamp on set today. #fashiophotography #fashion #brandstory #brandstorytelling
  • A still from today’s filming of a promo video for the talented fashion photographer @ejlewis alongside @presentdaychamp #goldleaf #fashionphotography