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Dominic + Aisling | Santa Maria Di Castellabate, Italy

When I researched where Dominic and Aisling’s wedding was taking place I got very exicited- the southern area of Italy, below Amalfi, is a beautfiul and historic part of the world- a wedding videographer’s dream and very much the sort of place I love to shoot.  I then got to chat to the couple on Skype while they lived in New Zealand and I was even happier, as they were two of the friendliest people I have had the pleasure of chatting with, so I couldn’t wait for this one!

Not only is Santa Maria di Castellabate a beautiful little town, but the Palazzo Belmonte is a stunning venue, with it’s picturesque courtyard, where the couples handfasting wedding ceremony took place and lawn area, overlooking the sea, where the couples wedding breakfast took place.

The weather was perfect on the day, allowing me and the very talented photographer Alline Beatrici (who’s photo is above) to find some lovely areas to take the couple for photos, particulalrly during the outstanding sunset.

The couple provided me with plenty of great audio elements to tell their story, from the readings during the ceremony through to Dominic’s heartfelt and touching speech, as well as array of visual moments- sunsets, sparklers, fireworks- so I was spoilt for choice when it came to ways to put together their film.

I always like to build a sense of place into my  work, as it is often something overlooked in wedding films, despite it being something a couple may have spent the longest time deciding on, particularly with a destination wedding, so I open the film with a flavour of the area as well as the visually arresting statue of Santa Maria a Mare which makes a few appearances in the film.

I truly love to travel and explore new places, as well as get to know new people and their stories, so it was a pleasure to be part of Dominic and Aisling’s day and to get to know their family and friends, and I hope the film they commisioned me to make at least captures a glimmer of the love they clearly have for each other.



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Alline Beatrici

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Toby Sleigh-Johnson is an award winning wedding videographer based in Greenwich, London and specialising in timeless, elegant and cinematic wedding videography.He has been filming weddings for over 10 years across the UK and overseas.



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