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Why I Went to a Wedding Videography Workshop

A few people have asked me why, after many years in the wedding videography business, I felt the need to go on a two-day wedding filmmakers workshop in Rotterdam.  It’s true, I have already attended hundreds of weddings since becoming a full-time videographer 7 years ago, and I feel pretty confident in my style and ability to handle the pressures of filming a once-in-a-lifetime event without messing it up(!), but I think anyone who believes they already know it all is deluding themselves- you never stop learning!  


Running a business which is based solely on your own creative abilities can be daunting at times, especially when the knowledge that you are documenting, arguably, the most important day in a couples life is always in the back of your mind, so it is great to get another perspective, and be inspired by the work of fellow industry professionals.  The For Love’s Sake event was the perfect opportunity for me to get inspired, as it was a series of talks by very different, but equally talented, wedding filmmakers, all with their own perspective on how a wedding can be captured, some reinforcing my own stylistic choices and others challenging those decisions.  Seeing the work of filmmakers from around the world, and listening to their creative process was a truly inspiring experience, which I feel will have a positive effect on my own work in the year ahead.

Making New Friends

As most people working in the wedding industry are sole traders, it can be a lonely way of making a living sometimes, so any opportunity to meet up with fellow videographers is great, especially when you share a creative passion.  In the two days of lectures and social events, I met filmmakers from all over the world, all coming together to learn and be inspired, and it was great to exchange stories, ideas and perspectives, about the art of wedding videography.  Not only did the speakers have such different takes on what makes a great wedding film, so did every one of my fellow delegates.  That’s what’s great about working in the creative sector- everyone is brimming with new ideas!

Building up a network of new friends can also be very useful if you work as a destination wedding videographer, as it’s always great to have people you can count on to help out and offer advice if you are working in a foreign country.  I made some great friends at the event, from all corners of the globe, and one positive of our interconnected world is my ability to now sustain those new connections. 


I was bitten by the travel bug when I left university, and have since spent a fair chunk of my spare time traveling all over the world, visiting interesting places and experiencing new things (perhaps the highlight being swimming with whale sharks in Australia).  I have a constant desire to document the world around me with my camera, so the fact that the workshop was taking place in the Netherlands was also a great opportunity to experience both Rotterdam and Amsterdam, both places I have never seen in the sunshine before!

As the event grabbed the attention of a truly global audience, with delegates and speakers from all over the world, it also gave me an insight into the wedding videography industry in different countries, which will be very useful as I expand my business to be more international in the years ahead.

Stoking the Flames

I’m writing this blog on the plane home from the Netherlands, a matter of weeks before the start of my wedding season, and I feel re-energised and ready to get back to what I love: documenting the memories of my clients in my own inimitable way, pushing the boundaries of my creativity and, once again, working alongside lots of wedding industry friends, as we all do our best to make our clients special day just that little bitter bit more special.

If you’d like to know more about my trip and the For Love’s Sake workshops, feel free to add a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Toby Sleigh-Johnson is an award winning wedding videographer based in Greenwich, London and specialising in timeless, elegant and cinematic wedding videography.He has been filming weddings for over 10 years across the UK and overseas.



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